Unleash your passion

Unleashing Your Passion

Passion by definition is a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. Its that strong fire that keep burning inside you and you cannot live without. It’s the biggest urge in your life. It’s actually life itself.

Whether a passion for a talent, skill, product, service, group of people or just a hobby, this passion is like a burning fire. It will keep on burning endlessly.

The best thing in life is to do what you love most, quite often, all the time. This creates a fulfilling life. If we could turn our passion to our day to day duties, then we become happier and better people. If this passion could make income for us, it becomes our livelihood.

Unleashing your passion is identifying what you love most and mapping out a way of living within it. Living within our passions enables our lives to be lived to their fullest. If only we do what we love as work and extend it to our free time, then we will have enjoyed our days to the fullest.

Passion versus Interest

Passion is that strong feeling that you cannot live without. It has become part of your life and without it, you feel lost. It’s that burning fire that you cannot keep out. And when you lose it, you are a lost soul. Passion is wired within you and it is actually a way of life.

Interest on the other hand is a strong feeling towards something. You can have interest over a new activity, group or undertaking. And deep interest over something can become a passion.

Passion versus Talent versus Skill

Passion is the enthusiasm for or an act of doing something. It is our initial instinct that arises out of our inner desires. Passion is gained.

Skill is the physical performance of a task and can be developed and refined through practice. Skill is earned.

Talent is that natural capability to do something. It cannot be earned or faked. It is inborn.

The lucky guy who will succeed is the one who has the passion, talent and skill all aligned together.

Identifying your passion

The first step towards living a life full of joy and fulfillment is finding yourself. If you could find your passion, then you are deemed to easily start your online venture. Until that time you are able to pin point what you are really passionate about, then you are going nowhere.

When you want to identify your passion, I recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you do when you are free? What are your hobbies?
  • What do you do for hours and it never bores you?
  • What can you spend a whole night doing and you never tire?
  • What are your talents?
  • What are your skills?
  • What is it that you are most knowledgeable about?

Pursuing your passion

One of my favorite movies is the Will smith’s ‘In pursuit of Happiness’ Most of the best things in life have to be earned.

Living your passion

When you are passionate about something, it becomes your life. You live in it. Its that fire that will keep fueling your dreams.

You live your passion when you entire depend on your passion. You spend your time on it and you earn from it. The minute you start earning from your passion, then you are on your way to living your life to the fullest.

The idea behind monetizing your passion is to fully ensure that you are living your passion. A writer who spends her whole life writing and makes money out of selling books is living her passion. But a painter who spends his free time painting and sells cars on his day job is not living his passion.

Monetizing your passion

The most successful businesses start with passion. You have a passion for something. It’s only through passion that you can be able to successfully do something again and again unconditionally.

Most of the passions can be monetized. Yes, you can make money through your passion. Making your passion, your business can not only make you more money but also improve your life. Most innovators and entrepreneurs move to extreme heights through working with their passions.


Remember, passion is everything. It’s the foundation where you build your dreams around. It’s the anchor where you hang your ideas on and the only surety that you are going to definitely succeed. So if only you take time and evaluate your strengths, talents, skills, hobbies and interests, you will come up with something that you really love. And that thing is your passion. With the passion, then you have the ticket to turn your life around and make profits out of your passion into profits.