My name is Amos, i am the owner of this blog, and i would like to tell you my story. If it touches you, i would like to show you (step-by-step), how i got where i am. Ensure you complete the story.

It was on a Friday morning and I had just taken the children to school and my wife to her workplace. I liked the fact that I was now available for the family. That morning my son introduced me to his friend at school. And I could still fathom his excitement.

I had just closed my office, a few weeks ago, and I was yet to get used to a home office. My business was at its lowest and I could see a heap of bills lying on top of the desk. I definitely needed to pay them up. I reflected back to those days when I had a job. I also recalled my biggest promise to my wife, of getting her ‘off the boss’. “You can’t be thinking of getting a job?” I soliloquized.

After making myself a cup of hot coffee, I sat down to read my emails. And right there in my inbox, it read. ‘Change your life, for a cup of coffee, in 17 minutes’ I was taken aback. “What?” I shouted. I clicked on the email and right there on my computer screen, was the single thing that changed my life.

At first, I hesitated. But then, I said, “What will it cost me watching?” In a short video, the speaker unmasked my future right into my eyes. I couldn’t believe it.

I am glad that I watched that video because my life never got back to where it was. Opening my business again, owning a home, getting my wife ‘off the boss’ and traveling the world, became not only dreams but actual realities.

I started this blog out of my struggle to find legitimate ways to do business online …

There are so many people out there who are seeking for ways they could make money online but due to various scams, they cannot find that one way that could solve their problems. So, at this point in my journey, i am hoping to give back to others by showing the best and legitimate solutions to online business.

Through this blog, i am ready to share with you my online business adventures and highlight what is making money for me and what has not.

Sit back and relax.