My name is Amos, i am the owner of this blog, and i would like to tell you my story. If it touches you, i would like to show you (step-by-step), how i got where i am. Ensure you complete the story.

It was one chilly morning and i was walking hand in hand with my wife towards the bus stop. I could feel her occasional press on my hand and i would look at her and smile.

It all started about one hour ago when she started feeling sporadic pain. We were expecting our first child and as is normal with the first timers, we did not know what to expect.

She pressed me again and asked, “Could you check on that cab?” I released her hand and walked a few meters to the cab. How much is to St. Marys Hospital?” I asked. “five” he replied loudly and indifferently. “five?” My wife asked angrily and hurriedly walked towards the bus stop. “Will you take three?” i whispered. “You must be kidding?” He replied. I briskly followed my wife and took her hand as we walked towards the bus stop.

It was January 3 and we were dead broke. My boss had not paid us for two months. The company had been struggling for the past few months and with massive layoffs, the few of us remaining worked longer hours. I was scared I would be the next one to be fired. The little savings we had was barely enough for the hospital bills.

We took the bus and in thirty minutes, we were at the hospital. As i waited outside, i reflected on the conversation i had with the cab driver. “I hate the feeling of helplessness. I hate being broke” I thought. “I need a change!” I shouted. “I need something that would make me enough income to take care of my family.” I continued.

There and then, at the hospital lawn, i made the decision to get into the business.

I submitted my resignation in a few days and as i sat down at home with my newborn baby boy, i started thinking about the business that i could start. I did not have capital.

The only skill that i had developed was web designing. And that is the business that i started. I was happy and i enjoyed what i was doing. However, the income was increasing at a snail pace, and I had barely reached break even. We had not yet achieved our dream of owning a house. As a man, providing a permanent shelter for my family was at the top of my mind.

As time went by, i realized that i was working 10-15 hours every single day, to keep the business afloat, and realize the income that would sustain us. I could not afford to hire staff to assist me. All of my time was spent working. I was not happy. My family was not happy too.

That’s the time i realized that self-employment is actually a job. The difference is i was not working for one boss but for a dozen bosses.

The stress was at an all-time high. I started getting migraines and every single flu would leave me bedridden for days. My health was deteriorating. I needed to do something.

So i got into the frenzy to find legitimate online businesses that could take less of my time and give me more income.

Then one night, i was researching online and i stumbled upon this weird VIDEO. This is the video that changed my life. For 17 minutes, i watched as the video unfolded my future right into my eyes. And there and then, i made the decision.

The decision that i made that night, was the best business decision that i have ever made in my life.

What followed after the VIDEO changed my mindset completely. I was able to triple my income and half my work time in just six months. I was also able to open another new business that quadrupled my income in less than 12 months. What i earned that year was more than what i had earned all my life, combined. Thanks to that weird VIDEO.

Now i am able to make money while asleep, with less effort and time. It’s a great feeling. Right?

I am able to be with my family, travel the world with them, meet my friends, tender my lawn (owning a house was a big milestone for us) and take my wife for a holiday. Something i could not be able to do before.

I realized that life is not about money or lack of it, work or how stressful it is, business or how hard it is, but HAPPINESS. And you could only achieve happiness if you are financially and TIME free.

That VIDEO! That video, that i watched that night, is the single thing that changed my life. It became the masterpiece that connected my troubled present to my future dreams.

I started this blog out of my struggle to find legitimate ways to do business online …

There are so many people out there who are seeking for ways they could make money online but due to various scams, they cannot find that one way that could solve their problems. So, at this point in my journey, i am hoping to give back to others by showing the best and legitimate solutions to online business.

And here is the cool part. I will start by showing you the exact same VIDEO that i saw that night. In this video, my business mentor explains how possible it is to create a highly profitable online business from scratch (in your spare time) without experience, and while working for 30 minutes a day.

Are you ready? I am ready to share with you the video and exactly how i made it where i am. Just Continue.