Guest blogging to a fortune


The act of generating traffic is a vital element for anyone that owns a website. You can do this through a few different ways, but guest blogging is definitely one of the best.

If you want to tap into an existing stream of visitors, writing a guest post for another website is among the best ways. Since you are allowed to post a link to your own website, it is a great way to build up backlinks which consequently improve your search engine ranking.

How to find blogs to post on

If you would like to do guest blogging, then you need to search and find good blogs to post on. The best and ideal blogs to consider is one which is relevant to your own site and much bigger in content size.

A lot of guest bloggers prefer to stay within their own chosen niche. If they operate a blog about internet marketing, for instance, they will go ahead and post on other internet marketing and related blogs. A point to note is for you to make sure you are not their direct competitor, but are offering a complementary topic or offer.

If you would like to find these blogs, simply use Google, type in your niche, and add the word “blog” to it. This should bring up a list of relevant blogs.

Then look through the given result pages and pick out the blogs that are high in content quality, active, and are updated regularly. This ensrure that you post on an active and popular blog so that your post will get the most attention possible. That is what we refer as traffic.

Do they allow guest posts?

Once you have a list of the chosen relevant and popular blogs, you will need to determine if they allow guest posting.

First ways is by reading through some of the articles posted on the website and at the end of the article, you might find a short bio about the person who authored it.

If you find a link to their own website, you will know that the blog allows guest posting and hence you can contact the blog owner.

How do i contact the blog owner?

People are protective of their properties and so are the blogs. Some of the blog owners will be very sensitive and selective about the guest bloggers they accept. They want to ensure that the writers are reputable, knowledgeable, and safe for their own readers.

It is always advisable to contact the blog owner and let them know you are interested in contributing to their blog. While contacting them, tell them a bit about yourself, your website, and what you would be writing about.

How to start. Write an article, include a link

If the blog owner accepts you as a guest blogger, it is the time to write the article. You can either write it yourself or hire a writer. Most blog articles are about 400-500 words in length, so consider this as you write. It is also good to include subheadings for easier reading and navigation, and also an image.

You should make sure that the article is relevant to the topic and try to make it match the other articles on the blog. Do not forget to include a link back to your website, along with a short bio and call to action telling them to go to your website (if the blog allows). The link is the whole essence of guest blogging so never forget it.

How does guest blogging make money online?

Guest blogging is a method of bringing traffic into your blog. The on the blog, you can monetize it in two forms.

  1. Google adsense – You can place google ads on your blog and once the ads are viewed by the visitors, google pays you. Google usually make payouts every month
  2. Affiliate marketing – You can identify an affiliate products from the affiliate networks and display their banners and link on your website. If visitors click on the banners and make an action, like buying of signing up, then you get paid.

What would you recommend?

Honestly, you can have both on the website. You can use google adsense in your posts, because the do blend well with the text. And you can use affiliate offers on the sidebar and also on the beginning or end of the articles.

However, if you would like to make lots of money from your blog, include high ticket affiliate offers.

I personally recommend high-ticket affiliate offers that pays over $1000 per sale. They pay better and have a passive income mode. You might like to consider The Laptop Lifestyle or The Turnkey Home Business You can be able to promote these offers on your website by just signing up.