Escape the 9-5 rat race


Majority of us earn their living through a job. Our wiring through several years of education and mentorship has led us into a 9 to 5 job where we trade our time and freedom for a weekly or monthly wage.

Is there a way to escape the corporate ladder and still live a fruitful life? As it turns out, a lot of us think it’s possible. Read the following 10 books. They will give you the skills, the drive, and the guts to quit the rat race and get into your time and financial freedom.

  • The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss
  • Get Out While You Can – Escape the Rat Race by George Marshall
  • Be a Free Range Human by Marianne Cantwell
  • The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau
  • The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason
  • ReWork by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried
  • Remote: Office Not Required by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz

If there is a possibility of getting out of the job rut and into the world of business where you are in control of your time and finances, i would suggest you take it.